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Samsara is a musical cocktail: a shot of Adele's soul mixed with Stevie Nicks' magic garnished with Taylor Swift's charm.  


Samsara blends pop, country, rock, jazz and and folk influences to craft songs that resonate with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Her songs dare your heart to spread its wings and fly.  She is a veteran of music, having once sang backing vocals for the stars (Don Henley, Bryan Adams, Steve Winwood, Kenny Loggins). She left music behind during an abusive marriage to a man who wouldn’t allow her to sing. But music never left Samsara!


She re-emerged in 2022 as a solo artist with evocative relatable songs that tell the story of her extraordinary life, love, heartbreak and her cats. With more than 2 Million Spotify Streams, charting music, and a UK award nomination, the critics say Samsara is THE artist to watch. 

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