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Long Distance Lullaby

Ooh ooh ooh

Baby, go to sleep

Rest your weary head

I'll stay here with you

And I'll watch you dream through a screen

It's the best I can do


When the morning comes

Oh, you sleepy head

You'll wake up and smile

It's another day to try


If life gets too hard

Oh, baby don't you cry

I'll kiss your tears away

While I watch you dream tonight


Dream of fish beneath the waves

Dream of stars up in the sky

Dream of clouds that move the winds of change

Let your cares drift away

Leave today in the past

A new morn's on the way


Maybe someday, I'll be by your side

While you dream away

Until then, I'll just sit here tonight

Through a screen

Watching you dream


Though I can't be by your side

I can watch you dream

I can watch you dream

Through a screen


©℗ Samsara 2017

Long Distance Lullaby
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