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"Love For Christmas" by Samsara

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Singer-Songwriter, Samsara, began her musical career as a jazz singer and returns to her roots in “Love For Christmas”. Inspired by her idol, Steve Perry’s jazzy Christmas original, she presents her original for this holiday season.

Composed as a witty letter to Santa asking him to come down her chimney and bring someone to hold her dear on that special night. Samsara’s “Love For Christmas” lets Santa know his elves don’t have to sing, she doesn’t need a diamond ring and he can save the turtle dove. Telling Santa she’s been good all year, hasn’t even been kissed, she proclaims she must be on his good list.

Jazzy piano echoes behind Samsara’s richly-toned voice throughout the song. Sleigh bells at the beginning and end of the song give it a wonderful holiday feel to make the song a classic for many seasons to come.

Love For Christmas” is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever music is streamed. It is also available for download as an MP3 on BandCamp, Amazon and iTunes.

Singer-Songwriter Samsara’s new feel good “letter to Santa” Christmas song brings the feeling of a jazz standard to the holidays in 2022. It’s the song everyone will want to share with family and friends.

Buy “Love For Christmas” at Samsara’s BandCamp link for $1 or take advantage of the 15% offer to own her entire digital discography.


December 5, 2022

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