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Less Than 1,000 Followers

Samsara’s “Invisible” is delicate country pop at its finest

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Less Than 1,000 Followers

Samsara is a lovely singer from the United Kingdom, currently based in the United States, who’s already got an impressive run of singles and accolades under her belt. The young artist started her career as a backing vocalist for acts such as Bryan Adams and Don Henley and now is a star in her own right. Her single “Invisible” is, perhaps, the epitome of how powerful her songs can be.


The talented singer’s strengths rely on her honest, sometimes brutal, lyrics that are inspired by life’s deep pains and joys – and also, her cats. Spawning a wide variety of genres, from indie pop to jazz and country, Samsara’s got over twenty singles and an EP under her name; all within the past two years. Her writing is incredibly personal and her vocal performance is astounding in each release, proving herself as a powerhouse storyteller and songwriter.

“I think a lot of musicians feel invisible and unheard, so the song has resonated with many musicians.  It also resonates with women who feel unseen and unheard.  I’ve had multiple people tell me it is the story of their lives.  I have also wanted to let listeners come to their own conclusions about the meaning of the song.” SAMSARA

“Invisible”, tells a tale of hopelessness, and her delivery is so on-point that she goes through the motions of pain and loss and takes us with her every step of the way. With lyrics that go from ‘I’m so lost and all alone, and I don’t have a clue where I’m going to‘ to ‘I know I’m broken, but I think I can heal‘. There’s sorrow in her voice, and she sings in a way that makes us feel her pain and ache with her. Even with all the heartbreak and sadness, she still somehow ends up in a bright and hopeful place – and that’s truly remarkable.

The production of “Invisible” relies on simplicity. It is a lovely country-inspired pop ballad, carried by acoustic guitars and shy strings; it does a wonderful job of never overshadowing the raw emotions in her vocals and lyrics. “Invisible” is a powerful track, coming from a place of truth and humanity like very few others. Samsara is a force of nature, and her career is still at its very beginning. This girl is going places, and I hope I can tag along on her ride.

I write what I’m feeling and sing it with emotion.  I don’t try to create a hit song.  I just write from my heart.” SAMSARA   

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By andreotsalles

June 30, 2023

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