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Music For All

Behold the sweet glow
contained in
SAMSARA's "Invisible"

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Music For All

By Amanda Costa

Fixing a gentle and pleasurable light, the single “ Invisible ” by the talented SAMSARA emanates the powerful magic called love, which makes us immerse ourselves in dreams and desires.

Serene chords will elevate your thoughts to a special journey through the clouds, driven by the rhythmic magic of the guitar and lyrical beauties that touch the soul.

The vocal demonstrates a timeless glow, bathed in pleasantries that captivate and make the mind dream, especially while savoring the message.

Framing the trail of thoughts, the verses draw the desire for acceptance, sharing the soul and path with someone, majestically quoting the beautiful things one can do to make the other feel good and clarifying what they need in return.

The plot speaks to our heart, reminding or imagining someone whose smile enchants us and the gaze captivates us in a labyrinth of dreams and hopes.

It's pleasant to think how these tones fit our feelings, imprinting their vigor and hope in a radiant and timeless way, warming the chest and radiating contentment.

" Invisible " a passionate and gentle work that speaks to our senses and involves the heart.

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July 16, 2023

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