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Samsara Presents
New Single “Invisible”

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Skope Magazine

Samsara crafts a lovely atmosphere in the poetic “Invisible.” Verses have a quiet majesty. The arrangement keeps things to the essentials allowing her voice to soar to the heavens. Guitar work goes right for the restrained, and the keyboard chords have this soothing wash. Rhythms embrace the pastoral, for her lyricism has this contemplative tenor. The piece’s evolution has a classical quality, allowing the few different layers to transform, creating vast blooms of color. Melodies have this peaceful tenor with their lullaby-like essence soothing the listener. This, alongside her strong, bluesy voice, gives the song the spirit of an all-engrossing, incurably optimistic track.

The song starts small, barely even a whisper. From this initial gesture, the rest of the piece takes shape. Pacing is the trick, and she utilizes her time well. Word choice further highlights the beauty that she shows throughout the entirety of the piece. The guitar keeps a steady, consistent expansion. Using the acoustic, the track gains a tactile quality, as if Samsara is right in the room. A live quality permeates the performance, as this has a quiet audience in the awe aspect. Her work, the highly personal quality, suggests elements of Iron & Wine, early Mountain Guitars, and similarly minded artists. For the final stretch, it all has this cyclical, going back to the beginning of things with the falling action, further highlighting its narrative stance.

“Invisible” has a delicacy, for Samsara embodies the best of intimacy and hope.






July 23, 2023

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