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The Other Side Reviews

Meld the power of Adele with the eclecticism of Kate Bush, the intimacy of Tori Amos, the charming flair of Stevie Nicks and a dash of Taylor Swift, what do you have? You have Samsara, of course. Hailing from the UK, singer-songwriter Samsara traipses across jazz, pop, country and rock with her evocative vocals and melodies. From fronting a teenage band at age 15 to singing with stars like Don Henley, Steve Winwood, and Bryan Adams, and now releasing music as a solo artist, Samsara is an exciting artist to say the least.

After leaving music behind because of a tumultuous abusive marriage where her husband wouldn’t allow her to sing, Samsara steps up to prove she may have taken a step back, but music is in her soul. Reaching audiences across the globe with chart-topping songs like ‘Love For All Time’, ‘Without You’ and ‘Hard To Love’, Samsara is difficult to ignore and we’re taking a gander into her single ‘Invisible’.

Released in 2022, ‘Invisible’ followed her single ‘Anything’ and brings listeners a soft, soothing country sound. Easily placed on any stage in Nashville, ‘Invisible’ has a toe-tapping element reminiscent of acts like Reba McIntyre and Tori Amos. Yet, while there is a powerful mainstream country sound, Samsara’s obscure vocals add a unique tinge to the ballad. Rich, confident and warm, her voice pulls you tight in a big hug while the instrumentation wraps you both in a comfortable blanket. Interestingly, while the song has a simplistic acoustic soundscape, the single is kaleidoscopic with a charming harmony in the arrangement.

A natural storyteller, Samsara shares reflective songs of life, love and journeys. ‘Invisible’ uses an intimate personal narrative to resonate with people who “feel invisible”. Yet, while there is a melancholic tone, hopefulness also exists in the moving single.

In addition to the single, Samsara released a lyric music video for ‘Invisible’. You can view the video below or on her YouTube channel.

For more from Samsara, check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

By Nicole Mendes

July 20, 2023

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