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Songstress Samsara's single "Invisible" proves, she's an undeniable talent

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“Musical talent” is very subjective and listeners often have contrasting views on “who is” and “who isn’t” talented. However, in extremely rare cases, talent can be so pronounced and evident that it simply becomes undeniable! A perfect example of such extreme talent is perfectly show by Songress Samsara. Whenever she performs her music LIVE, there is a palpable euphoria that can be felt among fans and listeners alike.

When it comes to the sheer quality and delivery of her music, Samsara might be second to none. Her extraordinary ability to infuse multiple components in her music is quite brilliant! She does not have to sacrifice the “entertainment” aspect of her music in order to deliver an “impactful” or “heartfelt” message.

One could easily call Samsara's life extraordinary. She once sang backing vocals for the Steve Winwood, Don Henley, Bryan Adams and Kenny Loggins. Today, she writes evocative relatable songs about her life, love, heartbreak, and her cats. Her richly-toned lavish voice spans several genres: pop, adult contemporary, country, rock, and jazz. She is frequently compared to female icons such as Steve Nicks, Taylor Swift, Adele, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Jewel, Debby Harry and Reba McEntire.  

Samsara tends to have a neck for blending and effortlessly merging various tones in all her songs. When listening to some of her recent tracks such as “Hero“, “Without You” and “Invisible“, it’s easy to identify how the music is meaningful, relatable, authentic, entertaining and well sung! Put simply, her music is all encompassing! 

The single "Invisible" highlights Samsara's gorgeous voice, engaging lyrics and unforgettable melodies.  Samsara swears that she does not actually write them herself -- she speaks of waking up with songs haunting her until she commits them to a recording.  Regardless of where the inspiration comes, every song I heard was epic!   

Samsara is a gifted songwriter and singer and her catalog of songs are truly fantastic.  I strongly encourage you to visit her Spotify page and take a listen.  This is a special artist who really has something to say.  

For more updates and news follow Samsara on  Spotify | YouTube | Official Website

Check out Samsara's discography below and don't forget to add it to your playlist, as it is available on all major audio streaming platforms.

by Melissa Ryan, Lifoti

July 22, 2023

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