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  • Samsara (Singer-Songwriter)

    Samsara is a musical cocktail: a shot of Adele's soul mixed with Stevie Nicks' magic garnished with Taylor Swift's charm. Samsara blends pop, country, rock, jazz and and folk influences to craft songs that resonate with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. Her songs dare your heart to spread its wings and fly. She is a veteran of music, having once sang backing vocals for the stars (Don Henley, Bryan Adams, Steve Winwood, Kenny Loggins). She left music behind during an abusive marriage to a man who wouldn’t allow her to sing. But music never left Samsara! She re-emerged in 2022 as a solo artist with evocative relatable songs that tell the story of her extraordinary life, love, heartbreak and her cats. With more than 2 Million Spotify Streams, charting music, and a UK award nomination, the critics say Samsara is THE artist to watch. Samsara's Family (Private Community) Enter your email below for news & updates Enter your email address for updates: SUBMIT Thanks! SAMSARA Branding Go to Music Help Samsara with a donation! PayPal Venmo CashApp

  • VIDEOS | Samsara Music

    VIDEOS Adult Contemporary / Pop / Rock Adult Contemporary Play Video Play Video 03:43 Invisible (Official Lyric Video) by Samsara Play Video Play Video 03:17 Love For All Time (Single) by Samsara Play Video Play Video 04:33 Blame It On The Rain (with Lyrics) by Samsara Play Video Play Video 03:19 Long Distance Lullaby by Samsara Play Video Play Video 02:25 Favourite Mistake (Official Lyric Video) by Samsara Play Video Play Video 03:14 Make My Dreams Come True by Samsara Load More Jazzy / Holiday Jazzy Play Video Play Video 04:11 Without You (Piano version) Official Lyric Video by Samsara Play Video Play Video 04:20 Without You by Samsara (Official Lyrics Video) Play Video Play Video 02:59 Love For Christmas by Samsara (Official Lyric Video) Live Samsara Live Play Video Play Video 03:09 Landslide by Sweet Little Liars (Fleetwood Mac tribute) - front view Play Video Play Video 03:31 Dreams by Sweet Little Liars (Fleetwood Mac tribute) Play Video Play Video 03:44 Locked Out of Heaven by Decades (Bruno Mars cover) Load More Country / Americana Country / Americana Play Video Play Video 02:53 Glass Shards by Samsara Play Video Play Video 02:54 If You're Gonna Break My Heart (Official Lyrics Video) Play Video Play Video 03:33 Hard To Love by Samsara Load More

  • Samsara -Less Than 1,000 Followers

    < Back Press Articles Less Than 1,000 Followers Samsara’s “Invisible” is delicate country pop at its finest Samsara is a lovely singer from the United Kingdom, currently based in the United States, who’s already got an impressive run of singles and accolades under her belt. The young artist started her career as a backing vocalist for acts such as Bryan Adams and Don Henley and now is a star in her own right. Her single “Invisible” is, perhaps, the epitome of how powerful her songs can be. Bandcamp Spotify Facebook Twitter TikTok ORDER NOW INVISIBLE BY SAMSARA ON BANDCAMP Invisible, by Samsara track by Samsara The talented singer’s strengths rely on her honest, sometimes brutal, lyrics that are inspired by life’s deep pains and joys – and also, her cats. Spawning a wide variety of genres, from indie pop to jazz and country, Samsara’s got over twenty singles and an EP under her name; all within the past two years. Her writing is incredibly personal and her vocal performance is astounding in each release, proving herself as a powerhouse storyteller and songwriter. “I think a lot of musicians feel invisible and unheard, so the song has resonated with many musicians. It also resonates with women who feel unseen and unheard. I’ve had multiple people tell me it is the story of their lives. I have also wanted to let listeners come to their own conclusions about the meaning of the song.” SAMSARA “Invisible”, tells a tale of hopelessness, and her delivery is so on-point that she goes through the motions of pain and loss and takes us with her every step of the way. With lyrics that go from ‘ I’m so lost and all alone, and I don’t have a clue where I’m going to ‘ to ‘ I know I’m broken, but I think I can heal ‘. There’s sorrow in her voice, and she sings in a way that makes us feel her pain and ache with her. Even with all the heartbreak and sadness, she still somehow ends up in a bright and hopeful place – and that’s truly remarkable. The production of “Invisible” relies on simplicity. It is a lovely country-inspired pop ballad, carried by acoustic guitars and shy strings; it does a wonderful job of never overshadowing the raw emotions in her vocals and lyrics. “Invisible” is a powerful track, coming from a place of truth and humanity like very few others. Samsara is a force of nature, and her career is still at its very beginning. This girl is going places, and I hope I can tag along on her ride. I write what I’m feeling and sing it with emotion. I don’t try to create a hit song. I just write from my heart.” SAMSARA STREAM NOW “INVISIBLE” BY SAMSARA ON SPOTIFY Don’t forget to support this project and follow Samsara on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. You can also check out her official website. If you enjoy her music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp. You can obviously find it in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles , Indie Only , Female Rising Stars , 12 New Songs This Week , Chill – Folk – Acoustic , and Unknown but Essentials! P.S. If you enjoy discovering new artists and brand-new music, subscribe to this blog Less Than 1,000 Followers, and follow the Playlist with all the artists we have presented here! If you enjoy this track don’t forget to give it a green heart when you’re on Spotify and add it to your favorite playlist, this little action not only saves the track on your music library but also will help the artist, you know that the name of the game for us is “support”, thank you!!! By andreotsalles June 30, 2023 Original Link:

  • Copy of Downloads | Samsara Music

    DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Thank you so much for contributing to my Fundrazr! Here are your free Digital Downloads of my music. I hope you like them. As an added thank you gift, here are wallpapers and backgrounds for your desktop and phone. Feel free to share. Get BG / Wallpaper ​ Other ways to help: Buy my CDs and/or join my Private Community on Patreon Join Samsara's Family

  • ABOUT | Samsara Music

    ABOUT SAMSARA "When it comes to the sheer quality and delivery of her music, Samsara might be second to none. Her extraordinary ability to infuse multiple components in her music is quite brilliant! She does not have to sacrifice the “entertainment” aspect of her music in order to deliver an “impactful” or “heartfelt” message." ~Lifoti Magazine Samsara (originally from the UK and Ireland, now US-based) once sang backing vocals for the stars (Don Henley, Bryan Adams, Steve Winwood, Kenny Loggins ). She left music behind during an abusive marriage to a man who wouldn’t allow her to sing. But music never left Samsara! Today, she writes evocative relatable songs that tell the story of her extraordinary life, love, heartbreak and her cats. Her richly-toned lush vocals span genres from pop to rock to country to jazz . To create a musical cocktail of Samsara , mix one shot of Adele 's soulful voice with Stevie Nicks ' magic, add a dash of Kate Bush 's creativity and garnish with Taylor Swift 's charm. ​ Samsara's music has been streamed on Spotify more than 2 Million times. Her EP "Love Upside Down " charted on iTunes; single "Love For All Time " charted on Shazam in the US, Canada and China; while singles "Without You " and "Hard To Love " charted in Sweden, Germany and Finland; "Love For All Time " was featured in a TV show and she was nominated for a UK music award. Her musical journey continues. ​ "Rich, confident and warm, her voice pulls you tight in a big hug while the instrumentation wraps you both in a comfortable blanket. A natural storyteller, Samsara shares reflective songs of life, love and journeys." ~The Other Side Reviews ​ To read more of Samsara's story, click HERE . Samsara's Music

  • FREEGIFTS| Samsara (Singer)

    YOUR FREE GIFTS Hi there! Here are your FREE Gifts. Click the button below to join my private community for FREE for 7 days and get access to new music, videos, and so much more. Watch the video to learn more. Join Samsara's Family 7 days FREE access to my private community, click the button to join ($3 value) Click "Get Single" to download my Hit Song "Blame It On The Rain " and a b eautifully designed Booklet with Lyrics & Exclusive Photos ($3 value) Click the button to download a zip file of 3 Desktop Wallpapers (1980x1080) , 3 Android Backgrounds (1080x1920), and 3 iPhone backgrounds (750x1334) ($3 value) Wallpapers & BGs Join Samsara's Family Want to hear more Samsara Music? Click HERE

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  • Samsara / Complete Discography

    Buy Samsara's Discography Buy Samsara's Complete Discography of 21 HIT songs today for just $15 (save 40%) and receive a beautifully designed Bonus Lyrics Booklet. Click "Get Album " below. The audio files, cover art and booklet will be automatically sent to your email. Thank you! Join Samsara's Family Click HERE to continue after purchase Includes the HIT songs: Without You Love For All Time Invisible And 18 more ...

  • Samsara -Top Music News

    < Back Press Articles Top Music News Today’s Folk and Americana: New Releases Around The World By Will Lisil Welcome to our latest music review article, where we unleash the hottest new releases and curated playlists from independent artists in the Good Folk and Americana Music scene. Welcome to our latest music review article, where we bring you the latest and greatest music releases by independent artists in the Good Folk and Americana Music scene. Our goal is to empower and inspire you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, collaboration, and community that reflects the values of inclusiveness and opportunity as espoused by PopHits.Co . As you embark on this enlightening journey through our article, you will be captivated by the meticulously crafted playlists that exquisitely capture the very essence and soul of this remarkable style. These playlists have been curated with utmost care and intention, drawing together a diverse array of enchanting melodies, poignant lyrics, and soul-stirring instrumentals that immerse you in the magic of the Good Folk and Americana Music scene. SAMSARA – Invisible Samsara , an independent singer-songwriter based in Bethesda, United States, has recently released her latest single, “Invisible.” With her distinctive, captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics, Samsara brings a refreshing sound to the contemporary pop genre. Her music has been likened to the likes of acclaimed artists such as Adele, Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, and Jewel. Samsara’s ability to blend acoustic, alt-folk, and Americana elements into her folk-pop sound sets her apart from other independent artists. Her soothing and melodic tunes create a relaxing atmosphere that envelops the listener, making it impossible to resist being swept away by her enchanting vocal performances. One listener described Samsara’s music as “a breath of fresh air in the music scene.” The combination of her introspective lyrics, beautifully crafted melodies, and female vocals make her music truly captivating. If you’re a fan of artists like Adele, Kate Bush, or Stevie Nicks, be sure to give Samsara a listen. Check out her Facebook for more information, follow her on Spotify , and don’t forget to add her songs to your playlist . Samsara’s music is a true gem waiting to be discovered in the vast landscape of the music industry. July 24, 2023 Original Link:

  • CONTACT | Samsara Music

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  • Samsara -The Beat Top 40 Radio

    < Back Press Articles The Beat Top 40 Radio "Hard To Love" by Samsara " Hard To Love " by Samsara premiere on The Beat (Sweden) by DJ Josebo. (Audio recording below) Original Link:

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